Hearing Quesion


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Sep 6, 2008
Ok so I just took my medical exam and it turns out I didn't hear very well in the 6000 to 8000Hz frequencies in my left ear. The doctor checked the acceptable hearing blank on the form and said that it shouldn't be a problem. Will this hearing loss result in a disqualification from West Point?

Good news!!!! Based ONLY on what you've stated in your postng, there are no accession standrads at the 6000 and 8000Hz levels. Sooooo, it should not be a problems for a DoDMERB determination for West Point:thumb:
I made a mistake it was the 8000 and 4000Hz, does the fact that I didn't score well on the 4000Hz in my left ear a red flag?
Again, no std for 8000, and as long as it didn't exceed 55dB @ 4000, then you are OK. Above 55 dB will render a DoDMERB determination of doe NOT MEET medical accession standards. Then West Point Admissions will determine if you are competitive for an appointment. If so, they will render one of two decisions - waiver granted or denied. It's possible they may wish additional test(s), evaluation(s), and or information before they reach their decision.....NO....there's nothing else for you to do at this time:thumb:
Ok so my score was a 65 in the 4000 but I already have a letter of assurance from them. do you think that my condition is able to be waived?
We'll just have to wait and see. As an unofficial opinion...not representing anyone or the Dept of Defense...I think yes.