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    Dear Service Academy Forms,

    I just got word today at 11:02 EST that i am now on hearing remedial. All because at the 200 level i scored a 40 instead of the 35 to meet standard. I was told by my doctor that i went to for the DODMERB exam that the hearing results average needs to be below the number of 40. I found the average for the numbers came out 38 and 39. Which i was told and therefore i thought i passed it. The Doctor said i passed it. I will be going back to the same office at 0800 for a repeat of the hearing test. I called DODMERB and CONCORD they told me that i am on remedial and could get a waiver. Would they give me a waiver for this? I have never had a problem hearing anyone. Thank you. I need a response ASAP.


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