Heart Breaking

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    My son’s best friend committed suicide a little over a year ago. It has been the toughest of roads for his family and large group of very close friends. No one saw his struggles. Great kid. Athletic, smart and just plain amazing. Uncharted waters as a parent. We have all grown closer and are much more focused on the struggles of mental health. Take care of yourself and have the conversation of if it’s ok not to be ok at all times. We all struggle. No one is perfect nor expected to be perfect. Prayers for his family and coworkers as it is a path I would wish on no one.

    Edited to add: When someone is experiencing mental health issues to the point of suicidal thoughts, it isn’t temporary. There is no other choice for the person at that time. We all have an obligation to help one another achieve and maintain mental health. My son’s bestie showed no signs of depression yet was very depressed and felt less than his peers. I have learned more this year as a parent the complete necessity of listening to our children and processing their feelings and views. Please click the link to see the startling statistics of what is happening.

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    Norwich cadets are dealing with a suicide as well. Our survival instinct is strong, but to contemplate and carry out the end of your own life, the internal struggle is so real.