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May 5, 2007
Naval Academy freshmen are put to the endurance test in the Sea Trials

Published in the BS:


It was sunup yesterday when Naval Academy freshmen began the gauntlet of physical tests known as Sea Trials. And for 14 hours they came one after the other: races, tugs of war, rope climbing, swimming and boating, all over the Yard and on the banks of the Severn River.

The event is considered the culmination of midshipmen's first year at the Annapolis academy. Obstacles are meant to challenge plebes in endurance, teamwork, problem-solving and teach leadership in times of stress....

Naval Academy plebes do sit-ups on the beach during the annual series of physical tests known as Sea Trials. Yesterday's exercise lasted 14 hours and marked the culmination of their first year. (Sun photo by Glenn Fawcett)
Plebes face test of endurance


Genetic similarity goes only so far. While Annapolis native Alison Disher groaned at the thought of running across the Naval Academy Bridge with a full pack, across the campus her newly mohawked twin, Brett, was all smiles as he started jogging with his battalion.

"We've got lunch waiting on the other side," classmate Fred LaMartin, who also grew up in Annapolis, said after slogging out of the Challenge Pit - a game of capture the flag played in a mud hole....

A midshipman from the 6th Company grabs a breath of air as he crawls through the sandy water underneath his company mates forming a human tunnel during the Naval Academy’s Sea Trials Tuesday.

See video and slide show.