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Apr 25, 2007

Some of you might remember me, but for those who don't my name is Robert and I just started my plebe year with Company B-2, the BEST company in the regiment hooah? Hooah. If anyone here has questions about Beast or the academic year (albeit I'm only one week in) please ask and I will do my best to answer promptly, but please understand that I don't have alot of free time.

what were your stats (GPA, class rank, sat's, extracurriculars...)? Prep school?


How's it going? Is it all that you expected?
That's it for questions - now go study!! :wink:
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Hey, Futurewarrior!!! Congratulations on joining the Corps of Cadets! :thumb:

Now go get some sleep!!!!! :shake:
Good one, Antionette!
Sleep. study, sleep, study.......................:biggrin:
Its going well and it was everything I was expecting and hoping for, plus alot more.
ohhh, I'm sure the Corps has this past year. Are they giving you guys lickys and chewies during your precious ESP?? Just kidding, had to vent Old Grad cynacism, besides, I'm on more of a Ranger School has kick anyways. Congratulations and enjoy it, it will get better, and believe it or not, some day you'll miss it...

Congratulations to you!! We're glad to hear from you. Now think of where you were at last year. What did you want to know? And what did you want to ask a brand new Cadet who had just successfully completed Beast? Perhaps, when you have a few available minutes, you could tell the candidates for 2012 about your experiences. Just make sure you sneak a nap in when possible. And don't forget to study...:wink: