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Jan 9, 2009

My name is Shane, and currently waiting for a LOA at the USMMA. I will be playing for the soccer team, hopefully as a starting freshmen. The coach is very pleased with my play and looks forward to me playing for him in the fall. Im from Upstate NY if any one is around there let me know!

Only questions I have are:

Are you tought to use a rifle at KP? How bout a boating liscense, would it be better to have one before I go? Im guessing ill recieve one there, but just wondering if it would help. What other type of skills will I be taught at KP, not regarding to any of the degrees. And lastly, I was accepted to Norwich University, if I recieve the NROTC scholorship, and decide attend KP, the NROTC scholorship is to no use, correct?

Congrats to you!!

I'm sorry, I do not know anything about rifles at KP.

I am fairly certain though, if you accept an appointment to any service academy, you are no longer eligible for ROTC scholarships.
The info in our daughter's NROTC packet stated that she forfeited the scholarship if she reported to a service academy. In other words, if she went to Indoc and left after even 1 day, the scholarship was gone. Given a choice between the two, KP won, hands down. :biggrin:

I'm trying to remember what D said about rifle shooting. I think she said they did get to shoot either rifle or pistol once during Indoc. (But I could be hallucinating. :confused:) I know she is planning to take pistol shooting as one of her PE electives next year. I couldn't find a course listing, but I think she said that rifle shooting may be an option as a follow on course. Maybe someone with more experience with KP could answer better.

As far as the Coast Guard license, there is no requirement for a small craft license of any sort. You'll get your Merchant Marine license at the end of your senior year - or you won't graduate.:eek:

I'm not sure what kinds of skills you are thinking about. If you could give me an example, maybe I could answer that better. Military skills? Aquatic skills? Ethics?