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    Hello gang! I've just joined the forum after reading posts for about a week. Although, I really wish I had found y'all about a year ago!! Please let me apologize in advance for not knowing all of the abbreviations that everyone seems to know!!

    A little about our journey... My DS has been accepted to VMI and The Citadel - neither of which we have visited (kinda expensive for us!). He started to go the the route of the Naval Academy, but after visiting there last March, decided that wasn't what he wanted to do. Not quite sure why, but I let him make the decision on his own. He's also been accepted to one of our state universities (University of Mississippi). We are planning trips to both Virginia and SC at the end of the month. However, our big holdup in going is the NROTC scholarship. We are still waiting... and waiting... and waiting.

    So, I join y'all here to learn for my next son who will start high school next year. And, so that I can be around some folks who are where I am.

    I appreciate any advice you may have!! I will say, I don't like the waiting game!!

    Best of luck to everyone here!

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