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Mar 22, 2007
Hi All...this is Sally from Cali...ha ha.

My daughter has been appointed to the Naval Academy...she is graduating this spring from a top private school out here...third in her class of 175.

Any other people from Cali on here? She is president of her class and a Gold Star scout.

She hopes to major in Electrical Engineering. She has won several awards in engineering contests.

Also, she hopes to play lacrosse. She is all-league in that sport as well as field hockey. I hear they have a club lacrosse team? Am I correct.

Anyway looking forward to posting some more on here. It's a great site.
Momof2011Girl said:
. I hear they have a club lacrosse team? Am I correct.

Welcome to the site. Congrats on your daughter.

Yep, you are correct about club women's lacrosse. For another couple of months anyway.

Navy women's lacrosse will be going Div I in 2008. Their "club" coach this year, and Div I next year, is Cindy Timchal who has won about eight, I think, national championships, including seven straight, while coaching at University of Maryland. She has been honored as national coach of the year for several years also. For you left coasters, John Wooden has been described as the Cindy Timchal of men's basketball.:shake: :shake:
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hey Cali

We're from Southern California! Welcome aboard!
peskemom, mom to female Plebe 2010, wife to USNA 1972:thumb:
Congratulations, Mom! Way to raise a winner! :thumb:
I'm from SoCal, the IE, whatever you want to call it. Class of '08.
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