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    I just wanted to send greetings and introduce myself. I’m a junior in high school who is living in Japan with my parents who work for the US government. I’m originally from Illinois and we are all US citizens. Our stay here in Japan is indefinite so I’m planning ahead. I am intent on attending USAFA and becoming a fighter pilot. I look forward to gaining knowledge from this forum. Thanks.
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    Ohayo, welcome aboard.
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    Welcome! I lived in Tokyo many years ago. Nice clean city! Great food and many choices. Good place to pick up Japanese. Because Nohonjjns don’t like to speak Eigo, although some younglings try to speak. Apply to both USAFA and USNA NASS and AFASS to compare the Academies for Pilot opportunities. NavyUSMC have as many Pilot slot as the Air Force. Key difference is if you’re a Naval Fighter Pilot you get slingged off the Flat Top and live near major port cities when you’re not on a floating city. You may have port calls at different countries when you’re under way. Air Force, fixed bases away from urban areas but with nice facilities.

    You will have to acclimate to high altitude breathing and living at USAFA. Some take 3 months some take 3 years to acclimate. You have to stay more fit to run the same miles. Add 30 seconds to your run time from the sea level running time. Love the USAFA campus but no Academies can beat the USNA Annapolis beauty and charming sailing city accommodation. Summer Seminar training is different. It seems more physical training at the AFASS than at NASS. Seminars are only the tip of the Iceberg. Be sure to go to Girls/Boys State Illinois. It adds to your WCS while Seminars don’t. Gambatte!
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