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    Well, I am a USAFA hopeful. I am currently in my Junior year of HS. I generally get A's and B's with the very rare C (without studying). That was untill it finally hit me that I need to get the best grades possible, this year I'm in better study habits and am going for 4.0 GPA all year. No Honors/AP classes this year, I am taking Academic, which is better than general. I am planning to take Honors courses next year. I lift and run every other day and love it, and am planning on joining Spring Track this year, not sure when Winter starts, I might be in good enough running shape to join then, if so, I plan to. I start volunteering at my local Ambulance Dept. this upcoming Wednesday. I was invited to NHS before, but never really understood what it was and thought I could join whenever. So planning on getting myself into NHS after this Qtr. Also I am trying to get a job, although not having much luck with that, turning in about 6 or 7 applications and called them all about two weeks later and called again another week later. One said they'd try to give me a call the next day when they looked at apps. didn't happen but I won't stop trying. Basicly I'm getting my stuff together.

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