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Feb 23, 2008
We are the proud parents of a high school senior who received his letter of "guaranteed appointment" at Christmas and his USNA appointment immediately following his congressional interview and nomination in January. He received a second appointment to the USMMA the first week in February.

From the calendars and forums we've figured out that USNA I-Day is on July 2 but when is Parent's First Weekend? Are the Plebes allowed to leave the 22 mile limit to be with their parents that weekend? How does that weekend work?
Thank you.
TX2012Mom, welcome aboard!

Congratulations on your son's appointments -- you and he must be very proud!

I'd suggest you re-post your other questions on the USNA part of the forum. It may be that if you look at some of that forum's previous threads, you'll find the answers to those questions, and more. Again, congrat's to your Appointee! :thumb:
Welcome and congratulations to your son for his two appointments! :thumb: :thumb: