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    I am a recently retired Army officer who graduated from the West Point Prep School and USMA. My daughter is a HS senior and a prospective Class of 2018 candidate. She is fairly strong in all areas except for the CFA (working on that). Her application is almost complete and hopefully DODMerb will open back up soon to finish that part. This seems like a great forum and I'm glad I stumbled across it.
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    Hello and welcome aboard. I've found this site really informative and loaded with lots of knowledgeable people. You may wish to consider (unless you already have) pointing your daughter (DD =dear daughter) to the site, too. Her interests and questions will likely be different than yours. Sounds like your background will be a valuable addition.
    I'm always curious how people find this site. Its not like it gets much advertising. I sort of recall seeing it referenced somewhere on a Naval Academy website... perhaps in an FAQ.

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