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Dec 22, 2007
Well the SAT deadline is coming up on the 26th and I am an applicant for 2012. I want to take the SAT's one more time on Jan 26th to give my verbal score another push, (550 gross). My ACT's are good enough but I just want to clear up any blemishes on my app so doing worse cant hurt me.

Does anyone know if I take the test Jan 26th and have the scores sent as fast as possible, will the academy take them?

I put USAFA on my registration but it said by mail and itd take 2 to 4 weeks.

Any help please!!!!
Last year USMA stated in their Instructions to Applicants that the January SAT scores were the last ones that a candidate could report. Air Force may be the same.

Try going online to look at your SAT registration. It may state how the scores will be sent to USAFA. If sent by email it takes less than two weeks.

Hope this helps a little. It sounds like you have good ACT scores.

Happy Holidays!

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Thanks, it says so for USAFA but it specifies a deadline of February 15th...

I guess Ill just take my chances and register and hope I get my appointment before the test!!!
I am pretty sure they look only at your best scores when calculating your whole candidate "score" at the academies. The lower standardized score is not considered - at least that is what the instructions for USMA applicants stated last year.

Now go have a Happy Holiday with your family and have some fun!