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Jan 27, 2009
Ok so I signed up for more information form the Naval Academy a few weeks ago, and said i was graduating in 2011 from high school.

But I recently found out im doing an exchange program and I am actually going to graduate in 2012, 2 years of high school, 1 year of exchange, then 2 more years of high school.

so how do I inform them the year I graduate is going to change?

thank you in advance
I wouldn't be too worried. I don't believe this will really be an issue until you have the opportunity to apply for NASS during your junior year. That actually "opens" up your candidate file/process, I believe. You can make all the corrections at that point, plus you'll have a better idea of your own time-line. They know things change -- what's good is that you're starting early! :smile:

Good luck!