[Help] SS1 and Sport Camp Flight and Stay

STX Patriot

Feb 13, 2017
Hello all I am currently trying to figure out flight arrangement for this summer. SS1 runs from June 11-16 & Falcon Swim Camp 18-23. I should arrive at airport on the 11th around 11-2. A shuttle will take me to the Academy.
End of SS1
Parents aren't planning on going up. Should I take a taxi, lyft, uber off campus? or take shuttle to airport then do the same?
For stay in the city, should I rent a place through AirBnB, book a hotel/motel?
Stay in lodging for Friday Night and Saturday Night.
11-2 get to Academy
Should I just get dropped off or should I go to airport and take shuttle to academy?
Friday Camp ends about noon, be at airport by 2.
AirBnB may be the cheapest option, there are plenty near the AFA. Make sure your parents use their credit card to pay for your BnB or hotel, a lot of places won't accept payment from minors. Just call ahead and make sure everything is set, be prepared. TripAdvisor and similar sites have lots of guides for things to do in the area. Lots of great hikes. Good luck and have a great time!