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Jan 29, 2008
So I've applied to VMI, The Citadel, Norwich, Texas A&M, VirginiaTech, and North Georgia College and State University. I think that is all of the state military colleges.

I've also applied to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, College of the Holy Cross, and George Washington University.

So for a while, I've thought I'd like to attend VMI. But in the last few days, I've been reading all of the internet forums, and now I'm not so sure. All of these schools seem great. The only one I have definitely been accepted to is Embry-Riddle.

So I'd like to get your opinions. If what I want to do is NAVY ROTC and not Army ROTC, which one of these schools would be better? (I applied to NGCSU, but I doubt I will actually go there - they don't offer Navy ROTC.)

If I want to apply for the USNA as a freshman, which school would give me the best launching off point? (I read that not many VMI student's transfer to SA's, so going to VMI might give me a better shot at an NROTC Commander's nomination. But on the otherhand, I've also read that the average freshman GPA is 2.2 because of the stress of being a "rat", so this might be a very bad place to try to go to the USNA from.)

If I am shooting for an SNA slot, what school would give me the best shot? (I read something about how George Washington University students almost all got their first choice selections.)

If I decide I'd rather shoot for a Nuclear Navy slot, what school would give me the best shot?

And if I end up wanting to stay at the school and not try for the USNA, which school would make me the best Naval officer I can be?

(I should say, I'm a girl. VMI is still my default choice. I've read a book already on VMI's acceptance of women called "Breaking Out: VMI and the Coming of Women". A severe guy:girl ratio is not scary for me. And I actually don't mind being measured by the same PT standards as guys as VMI will do - I'm pretty athletic.)
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