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Dec 12, 2008
About a few weeks ago I received a call from the Asst. Admissions Director from the Academy. We were discussing my application and he was asking me if I needed help with anything. He also asked me if I needed him to talk with my English teacher so he would hurry up and send in my letter of recommendation. He told me that I need to complete my application very soon because he really wants my application to go before the board very soon. He also extended an invitation to the Academy's CVW, and said that the Academy will pay for my plane ticket.

I would like to know is this promising, or does the Academy do this with most of the candidates?
I think they love you. :wink: Did your English teacher get the recommendation in? Did you complete your application?
the academy will pay for your plane ticket???? then they love you! When my son went to CVW, they made it clear in the letter that transportation costs were up to him/us. Yay for you!
I did finish my application earlier this week. And yes my English teacher did get the recommendation in. There was conflicts with the schools network that was keeping him from sending it in, but it worked eventually.

Now I am basically on pins and needles wanting to know if they will accept me. I have my interview in a few weeks and I am so ready to do it. But I hope things work out in my favor!!

USNAhopeful24, congrats on getting your application finished! Best wishes for an enjoyable and informative BGO interview. I hope you go on your CVW soon. I think you will enjoy your time with the MID/N.

Stay :cool: as you wait!

I am not sure what you need help with - everything seems to be going along smoothly so far....

Are you a recruited athlete? the will get their official visits paid for.

Also - perhaps in the interest of minority recruiting USNA has $$ available to help "targeted populations" (I know that sounds so impersonal!) to visit with the hopes they will accept an appointment or NAPS if offered.