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    hi all,
    Just some background.. I've finished my preliminary app and I'm officially a candidate for the Navy. Over the summers I am extremely busy with work at a ferry company where I deckhand. This Monday and Tuesday I am lucky enough to have off from work so my dad planned a spontaneous trip to the Naval Academy.
    I have been to the academy several times before (my dad is Navy) but never as an applicant.
    Now for my question.. we are obviously going to go on a regular tour and exploring the campus but is there anyway I could get in touch with an admissions councilor? or something similar on such late notice? I would like to talk to someone and let the academy know I visited (if that makes sense).
    I'm lost on this matter.. thank you in advance.
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    See this link:

    Even if you have your prelim app in, if you haven't read every page, dropdown and link at, especially the Admissions pages, do so now. Most answers are there. Read the Nominations forum and the stickies at the top, here on SAF.
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    Have you thought of doing an overnight visit and shadowing a MIDN during fall semester? That might also have an impact on admissions?
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    You didn't indicate the this visit imminent, or a few weeks away ? As an Official Candidate, you should have been assigned a Blue & Gold Officer. Reach out to him/her, introduce yourself and tell them you are visiting USNA and ask if they can arrange a visit with someone in Admissions. Also, as CAPT MJ suggests, check the website, as I believe there is a walk-in Admissions briefing available if unable to set up anything else.

    It's probably premature to ask for a CVW as BlessedMom suggests. Get the application in, and if competitive, you can ask your BGO to request it. I wouldn't expect that CVW's are available until the Brigade reforms this fall anyway.
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