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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by CoachBart, Jul 21, 2011.

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    My DS just had some transcripts sent away to schools he is applying for and the guidance counselor mentioned that although his current gpa is noted that his 4th quarter grades are not available on the printouts/transcripts until mid August. I find that very strange. Now I am guessing he is probably going to have to re-send all of these transcripts again in August. Not a big deal except they charge $ to do this and it comes out of my wallet. Anyone have a similar issue?

    Also, I do have another question. Does anyone know how long it takes the Army Scholarship Status page to update when items are sent in. For example my DS's Physical Fitness test was emailed, faxed, and hard copy mailed in just a few days ago. Thanks.
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    Part I:
    Each school has different policies and timelines concerning official transcripts.
    Some won't have them ready until late summer when staff returns for the new year.
    Typically 6th semester official transcripts will have the class rank if the school chooses to rank. They will also include the school profile which is very helpful to admissions.
    Many high schools charge for official transcripts, while some do not charge. Personally, I don't think they should charge you for copies of grade reports - but your school may have such a policy in place.
    If you have sent grade reports then you absolutely should send the official sealed transcripts when they become available. I would also make sure there is a follow up to confirm they were received.

    Part II - I am not going to touch this one! It varies from year to year and even the time of year. In July it may update quickly - a week or two - but in Dec may take much longer.
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    Agree with Justamom, schools will vary greatly on their transcript/grade report policies.

    Cadet Command works on its own time table and has proven to be highly unpredictable with regards to when/how things get done. Please do not take this wrong, but please do get used to CC making you absolutely freaking NUTS:jump1: for at least the next calendar year. The staff at CC are hard working, no doubt about it, but the ins and outs of their decisions and methods will at times leave you speechless(for good reasons and bad...:wink:) Follow up with everything like you have done(sending items by multiple methods and checking status, eventually you will receive a letter that should list a personal point of contacts email). Prepare for a long ride, this is a marathon, not a sprint, and the first boards aren't until fall so there is time to make sure your DS's application is in order. Will be watching all the new 2016 applicants - best wishes to you and all the others.

    Take care.:smile:
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    Good advice from both Just a Mom and Ohio2015Parent. Things with DS's school drove me nuts in terms of transcripts but in the end they came through. In terms of cost, the first few were free, after that $3 a pop. Compared to scholarship $$$$$'s, well worth it.

    And yes, CC will update when new information is available. I think one thing that caused delays last year was the move to Ft. Knox. But, again as pointed out, be prepared for long periods of getting no updates. Also, if and when the good news arrives, get set for a whole new world of paperwork!

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