Herndon question


Jun 9, 2015
So I am planning a trip to the yard to see Herndon this year. My question is what happens right after Herndon? Will they ( the former plebes) have some liberty that evening or the next day? Trying to decide when to come home.
Allowing for what's true one year may not hold for the next, especially with a new Dant, it is generally the case that once the event is over, the now 4/c mids go get cleaned up (lard+sweat+water+dirt+grass=yum) and head out on town liberty. If it's a weekday night (I haven't looked at day of the week), then I would guess 2200 or 10 pm.
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I can't recall a year they didn't have liberty after Herndon. According to the schedule it is on Monday this year. If you google USNA commissioning week schedule it has the tentative one out there. Liberty during commissioning week usually runs until 2200 or 2400. If you can swing it, most Mids will have a weekend, if not, a ton of liberty the weekend before Herndon. Its actually the only weekend I got Plebe Year and I saved it for that weekend as my folks came into town. It was great!
Last year, the plebes-no-more had liberty in town right after Herndon. We went out to dinner with a bunch of mids and their families. The mids already had the evening planned out. Keep in mind that a fairly large percentage of plebes will not be participating in Herndon due to sports or training - so keep your travel plans flexible if possible.

We ended up staying a few extra days after Herndon to take in the Blue Angels practice, concerts and a few other events. Definitely worth it and nice to spend some time relaxing and enjoying Annapolis.
Just another possibility to think of: My 2019 DD, who always wanted mom and dad to visit whenever we could during her Plebe year, asked us not to come for Herndon. She sort of felt this was "her thing" to experience. We respected that and didn't go, although we wanted to.
DD had O-Block with 44S to Newport and we met her there. She was glad she missed Herndon. Visit when you can.