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    My name is Sam,
    I joined due to my interest in attending the Naval Academy.

    I also joined because I was invited to the November CVW and am interested in immersing myself in my fellow potential USNA candidates.

    By joining, I hope to gather more knowledge and direction in order to make my dream a reality. Since I was very young, I always wanted to fly. As I grew older, I realized my passion lie within the Navy particularly.

    My grandfather, having been a Naval Academy graduate and an aviator himself has pointed me in the right direction, and I am now seeking the advice of my fellow peers and candidates in order to hone-in my priorities Junior year.

    About me:

    I currently participate in my high school's sailing team. Last we won the New Jersey State Championship for High School Sailing.

    I also am going to be an Eagle Scout- I recently completed my Eagle Scout Project, and am now completing a few final requirements before my board of review.

    I volunteer for my local fire department as a cadet, and have been doing so for the past two years.

    I also have been doing a large amount of volunteerism and leadership for as long as I can remember. Most recently I participated in the Counselor In Training program at a YMCA summer camp.

    After school, I will be participating in out High school's Cyber Patriot team.

    I am currently enrolled in my High School's Engineering Academy, and am taking competitive classes Junior year. As an engineer, my classes are S.T.E.M. based.

    I am a very technically inclined person, and hopefully will pursue a aerospace engineering education if/when I make it to the Naval Academy.

    The things I need to improve on this year include my personal fitness, and my overall GPA. I also need to begin working on my SAT preparation.

    I hope that wall of text has given everyone a general idea as to who I am, and who I hope to be by the time I am ready to apply for the Naval Academy. I may have forgotten some things about me, but as previously stated I will be changing a lot this year.

    If anyone has any advice or any tips/guidance, please share it with me! I am excited to meet the people I will be attending the CVW, and hopefully college with!

    Thanks in advance!
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    I just got back from CVW a couple days ago- you will not regret going at all. I cant imagine applying without having gone to one, you'll get a great idea of what the Academy is like. I brought cookies to share with the plebes- didn't hurt!

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