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Nov 28, 2007
I actually found this website by accident... to bad I could not find it earlier. My application is already done, but I am always looking into more info.

Well, my name is Chris. I hope to be apart of the USNA Class of 2012. I am the battalion commander at my Army JROTC at Concordia Lutheran H.S. in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am the starting soccer goalie as well as the top rifle shooter in the state. I want to study Aerospace Engineering and fly helicopters.
I have already been accepted to Rose-Holman within a week and half of submitting. :cool:

Here is some family backround. My brother served in Iraq and was wounded by a car bomb. My uncle is a retired Army COL at Ft. Lewis, WA. My Grandpa was in the Army at the end of WWII and then joined the AF. Another uncle served in Vietnam as a Green Beret.
Welcome to the forum!! Good luck in getting that appointment to USNA.

I see you have a lot of family history with the Army. I'm curious, what does your family think of you choosing Navy?

That is cool your uncle retired at Ft. Lewis - I live about 15 minutes south of Ft. Lewis so I'm very familiar with the area.
They have no problem about it (well... maybe except this week because of the Army-Navy Game lol). They think its great. I am the first to even consider an appointment in my family so its unfamiliar territory for us.
Welcome, Yeti. This is a nice place to be while you wait to hear.
He was medically discharged last December because his shin bone had about a 4 inch gap. They said he would only recover maybe 70%, but he is at 95%. He is back to running 5k and 4 mile races and is at college.