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Jan 12, 2009
Hi there everyone! I'm Rebecca. I'm a freshman over at the University of Oklahoma hence the screenname. Yes, I do know we lost the BCS Championship.

I'm applying for the Air Force Academy and starting ROTC here on campus (1 more week!). I've got myself a nomination, (Thank you Congressman Cole) but I'm still working on my running for the CFT.

This is the first time I've applied cause I only turned 18 a couple months ago. I live in the dorms. I play rugby. I actually read for fun before I started college. And that's pretty much me...
Welcome! This is one of the best sources of info I have run into for the USAFA, other Academies, and the military in general. Great place, great people.

How's the app coming along? Isn't it due soon?

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Hey man!

Hopefully you will have to change your screen name next year :D

2013 hopefull..... >.<
Thanks for the welcome everyone! I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the name change. Just gotta get my CFT up to par and I'll be finished with my app. Yay!