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    Hi! I'm a mom to 10 kids, and our oldest, a senior, is applying to service academies and ROTC this year. We're a true Air Force family--my grandfather was a retired pilot, my dad is a USAFA grad/retired navigator, and my husband is also a retired grad/engineer--so ds is hoping for a USAFA appointment or an AFROTC scholarship. But he has applied to USMA and USNA as well; in fact he has his interview with the Army liaison officer tonight!

    We homeschool, so that has made things a little more challenging, but we shall see what happens! In fact, I have lurked on here for awhile, but what made me finally get around to registering is that we have a question about the AFROTC online application because of our homeschooling. I'm thankful boards like this exist--I thought we were pretty familiar with the ins and outs of the process, since dh went there, and he was also stationed there as an AOC, but it turns out we still have plenty to learn! :smile:
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    Welcome aboard!

    With regards to your 10 children... I believe tying to create your own squadron/element at USAFA is frowned upon, but I'm not sure. :biggrin:

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