Hi my fellow Class of 2018 USMA candidates

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    Hi there!

    My name is David, and I made this account just for the heck of it.

    I guess they want some kind of introduction here, so:

    I'm from South Korea (I'm a 1st gen immigrant) and I can apply for naturalization within a month or so.

    I moved here in America when I was in 4th grade and lived in Oregon the whole time. Specifically, I live in Tigard, OR, Congressional district 01.

    I have some what of military relatives back in Korea, but not over here in America.

    I wanted to be in the army ever since I was a kid, because I wanted to do something active that will contribute for the betterment of the society.

    From some of what I've read in this webpage, I see lots and lots of promising candidates, and believe me a lot of them have better records than I do. Makes you kinda realize how competitive this 21st century really is.

    Gah, I wish I lived in the 1970s when things were much less competitive. But meh, I'll just go for a shot at USMA.

    But hello again ya'll!!! I hope to meet some fellow class of 2018 candidates here. :)

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