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Sep 1, 2007
My daughter and I have been lurking and occasionally posting, but never introduced ourselves. My screen name is descriptive, and we're hoping to drop the "?" very soon!

Thanks to all who have answered our questions over the past few months. Having this site has made the admissions roller coaster a much nicer ride.
She put in preliminary apps to USNA and USAFA and attended their summer seminars, but she's only applied (final app) to USNA. She did admit the other day that if she had known more about WP, she would have applied for SLS and listed WP as her 2nd choice.

She has an LOA and a nomination, and just passed the added medical tests USNA requested, so we're hoping that means she's a "P2B."
Welcome aboard! :smile:
Looks like she didn't need a "second choice" after all! :wink: