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Nov 26, 2008
Hi, my son received his Appointment folder from USMA 3 weeks ago. We are all very excited. And nervous on the things that could go wrong from now until then. He is still in unbelief shock I think. The husband a former Marine can't stop beaming. :smile: Been reading different post, and have been very enlightened on many things.
I am so jealous. I cant even hope for an appointment letter to come, because I haven't even finished my file yet!:thumbdown: ha

Congratz to your son! :thumb:
:welcome1: Congrats to your son!
I am happy to see another West Point parent has joined the forum. We can't let those Navy parents outnumber us. :wink:
Congrats to your son, you & your husband should be very proud!

Is he going to accept the appointment, or is he waiting to hear from USCGA before turning down West Point? :zip:

He already ACCEPTED!! Not even giving it a second thought!!! Turning down the ROTC 4 yr scholarship this week that he also received (actually, both came on the SAME day)! What an exciting day that was! :biggrin: Thank You to all for the good wishes :smile: