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Dec 1, 2008
Hi there everyone,

I'm Tim and I am hoping to receive an appointment to USNA. Went to NASS, and stumbled onto this website by searching for DODMERB info. I live in Henry Waxman's District, and am absolutely convinced that USNA is the way to go.
How ya doing? No idea where your congressmen lives but also a USNA Candidate here and NASS Session 1.

Hello everybody, I've actually been reading various posts on this forum for a couple weeks, and found the posts very interesting and helpful. I really want to go to the USAFA ever since middle school, and SS '08 was one of the best weeks of my life. I received my LOA on Nov 19, and now I'm dying to hear of nomination news.
Southern California! I was in NASS 1, Echo Company.

Congrats on your LOA!
PDub, Congrats on the LOA!

Echo Company! 3-3!
Squad 1, I believe... you may of remembered if you were paying attention. Asian Kid nicknamed wonton?
How could anyone in Echo forget, Nygaurd (think thats how it spelled) was on you all of the time, and you had the big camera.
there is? lmao it has to be funny, you know if anyone recorded the slideshow on the last day?
I'm still trying to find it. Its really pissing me off, cause our company was in pretty much every single picture.