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Dec 20, 2008
Hello Everyone,

My name is Nicole. I'm a freshman at the University of San Francisco and about to go into my second semester as a AFROTC cadet. I'm majoring in political science and minoring in Middle Eastern Studies. I hope to get an OSI slot. If not, intelligence is my next choice.

Unfortunately, my plans have been interrupted by a run in with DODMERB. I've been DQ'd for D155.70 (Myopia - Refractive Error greater than -8.00) and I've been denied a waiver. Right now, I'm trying to appeal again. I've talked to Larry Mullen, who's been really helpful, but got bad news from him. I'm still optimistic though. Any advice on how to get a waiver would be awesome.

I'd hate to have to leave my squadron. I'm involved as an active member of Arnold Air Society (Financial Manager) and a member of Honor/Color Guard. So I'd do anything to stay in, even though, right now, it doesn't look good.

If anyone has any advice on how to attain a waiver from DODMERB, any advice is good.

Thank you!

One Fight, One Team
I'm curious, do you believe there should not be a vision standard to serve as an officer in the US military?

PS - I think the waiver decision for AFROTC comes from the US Air Force, not DODMERB.
I think that unless your job requires you to have good vision, like a pilot, then your vision shouldn't count against you. A person's ability to lead shouldn't be about their sight.