High Blood Pressure on First Reading, Normal on Second

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    I had my medical examination today, everything was good, except for the first reading of my blood pressure. On the first test the nurse had asked me about the academies and if it was my parents pushing me to go or not (this got me excited, because I enjoy talking about the academies and why I want to attend). This small conversation resulted in a 151/92 reading with a 108 pulse (the exam has you retake the your blood pressure if it is over 140/90 or if pulse is over 99). So I retook it 5 minutes later (this time we did not talk, I am not sure why he was talking to me the first time) and the results were 120/75 with a 93 pulse. Still not the best, but from what I can tell fairly normal. Will DoDMERB have me do a follow up and/or make me get a waiver for this? Or do they just go by the second results?

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    You will find out when you get your results back from DoDMERB. Sorry, but you'll just have to wait. Not an expert on this, but I would venture a guess that your BP will not be an issue.

    Keep your eye on your activities, physical fitness and academics. The rest will be what it is. Focus on what is in your control.

    Best wishes. :thumb:

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