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    Hi! I'm currently a Freshman in high school and I would like to hear everyone's opinion on my chances of getting into West Point and how I can improve them.
    I'm homeschooled and currently taking all of my classes through FLVS. I'm currently in: English 3, Latin 3, Precalculus, Spanish 2, World History, and Chemistry. I have completed all of the required prerequisites for these classes (e.g. English 1+2, Biology, etc...) along with Chinese 1 and 2. I plan to start taking classes at my local community college sometime during 10th grade and I will graduate in 2017 with my high school diploma and, hopefully,
    my AA degree.
    I'm not exactly sure what my GPA is right now. I have
    received all A's in my classes, which are at honors level. I took the SAT test in 7th and
    8th grade. Neither scores were saved but my 8th grade scores were 580(math), 570(writing),
    and 660(CR). I've been studying and hope to raise my scores by at least 100 points.
    I'm on a synchronized swimming team and will most likely remain on it throughout the rest of high school. I will probably be joining my local high school's varsity swim team
    next fall.
    Let me know what you think! I'll be happy to provide additional information if needed.
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    I'm surprised you can take this level classes at your age. If say you're on the right track but be sure to grab a leadership position. Try Boy Scouts or CAP maybe.
    Best of luck!
    PM me with any questions.

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