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Nov 29, 2008
Hello, I'm currently a junior in high school looking at applying to the service academies with my favored academy being west point. My high school background is that go to a college prep school that offers harder academic courses. Freshmen year i played JV football and swam on the Varsity swim team. Last year I took up Cross Country stayed with the swimming in the winter and ran track in the fall, and playin on sticking with those same sports for my junior and senior year. I've lettered in Cross Country two times, once in track, and am looking at receiving my first letter in swimming this year. I was elected recently to be senior captain of the Cross Country team for next year. I've prepared myself for the academies and pray that I'll be accepted for the class of 2014. Any advice on the application process would be very appreciated. Thanks in advanced and good luck to all the other future applicants as well.
WELCOME!!! You have found an excellent site with a wealth of information. Ask as many questions as you can. I am in the same boat as in, well that is in praying for an appointment to 2013. Apply to SLS and AFASS and NAPSS, i did but did not get accepted. NEVER GIVE UP! I didnt get accepted to SS but I didnt give up. I am an official candidate which is a feat of its own. Get everything on time. Take the SATS as many times as you can, they take your highest. Keep your grades up in school!

And one last thing: have fun! the process you are entering is grueling, but it is so much fun. I have meet great people along the way, and hopefully I'm not even halfway done :D

I invite you to the chatroom its a blast, cya around
I am high school junior and my senior give me pressoure because of home work.Some students are also making harassment so i feel very lonely in the school.Its a fifth day in school.Feels great.
welcome to the forums!:thumb: i'm also a junior and good luck with the applications.
Maybe I'll see you in the future:smile: