High School Sophomore Schedule


Oct 8, 2015
I am currently a high school freshman who is hoping to attend either USCGA or USNA. I have been involved with clubs, and have gotten leadership positions in them. However, sports has been lacking due to recurring injuries. Here is my schedule for next year:

AP Spanish 4
Honors English 10
Honors Pre-Calc
Honors Chemistry
AP Biology
Either AP Human Geo or AP Computer Science

I know that the academies like to see some experience with computers/IT, but I am afraid that they will not like the fact that I did not take a social studies course sophomore year. I will take social studies both junior and senior years. Due to the simplicity of Human Geo, I really don't find it necessary to waste an entire year taking it. Most people at my school take it because it's an easy A... I just don't see the point in doing that.