High School Transcripts


Dec 5, 2016
I have completed my application. However, my school sent my transcripts and course schedule on December 6th, 10 days ago, and the academy still has not received them. Plus, I have only two weeks for them to arrive otherwise my application is closed, and I have no control over the situation at all right now.
What should I do?
Processing time can be painfully slow. If you sent them (sure you have), USAFA will get them and process them. In the future, you may want to pay a little extra to get delivery tracking so you will have confirmation it was received. Though USAFA wants you to follow the schedule and meet the dates, if there is a SNAFU with the records, it is very likely USAFA would accept your counselor's word they were sent originally and on time if a new one is needed. (Also is faxing an option? - I seem to recall DD faxed some documents last year)

As an example of the bureaucracy - ACT/SAT scores can be delivered to schools electronically or via CD. Last year USAFA was one of the school's that received them via CD, so someone had to physically load the CD into the system which added time to the process. Eventually, they were updated in the system
I am sure USAFA is slammed right now processing incoming data. However, if you don't see it on your portal by early next week, I would send a friendly email to your USAFA counselor just letter him/her know that it was sent on Dec. 6th. It is much better to let them know in advance that it was sent vs. trying to play catch up after your deadline.
It took my transcripts 4 weeks to be processed after I submitted them, and this was in October. I'm sure it will take longer now that the majority of candidates are applying. Don't stress over the wait, it's good practice until you get your appointment. Best of luck!
Thanks for all the advice, they were eventually received on time, but I did let the academy know prior just in case. Merry Christmas