High School vs. College Academic Record

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Raptor22, Jun 13, 2017.

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    I will be attending Marion Military Institute as a self-prep this fall and I was wondering if my college academics will carry more weight than my high school academics. In high school, I had a few C's and D's my freshman and sophomore years but turned it around the last two years. My ACT composite was a 27. Thanks for any insight.
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    Your high school academics will carry the same weight as this year in terms of WCS calculations. The college semester will add extra points to your WCS. Your ACT score is a little low compared to the class profile. Since there is no way to change your high school grades, your best bet is to throw all your efforts at improving your ACT score. They superscore so there is no way it can drop . You will need to get your test scores above the average to offset the grades that are lower than the average. You will be competing against individuals that have both good test scores and better grades than you have now. Keep your head up and do your best. My DD got an appointment on her second try.
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    MMI is a great place to really put everything into the effort! It's out in the middle of no-where which should allow you ample time to apply to your academics. If it is really important to you...you will take this OPPORTUNITY to apply yourself and improve your academics and scores to prove to the Academy that you can do college level work well.
    The ball is totally in your court!
    The regimental lifestyle will also give you a taste of life in a military environment.