Honest about drug use..waiver odds?


Jan 19, 2017
Hello new to the forum so please excuse if I break any rules.

I am taking DODMERB for Army national guard as a medical student.
On the form I admitted to marijuana use a few times from 2004-2009 (when I was in hs)
alcohol use from time to time 2004- 2009
one time ecstacy use in 2009 (I checked off that I used a hallucinogen)

I have not used a drug or drank at all since I graduated high school and decided to get my life together. I have read that you are dq for history of substance abuse, but I would not classify my history as such. I used marijuana on occasion along with alcohol. I am really most worried about the hallucinogen admitting. Will I be rejected by DODMERB?

If so, do you think I'll get a waiver? My recruiter said he has no idea as no one has ever been honest about doing hard drugs they werent caught for. I just know ill need a security clearance and im not going to risk my career as a physician with a dishonorable discharge.
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I've performed remedials for Cadets for experimental drug use. All of them were granted waivers.
The keyword is experimental. If you listed it once or twice, you should be OK. Good luck!