Hopeful USMA Parent


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Oct 24, 2008
I've been reading these forums for a few weeks now and what a wealth of useful information!

My son is well along in the application process for the USMA class of 2013, and like many here has also applied to AROTC as a plan B. West Point is the only academy he is applying to as the Army is his intended destination.

My wife actually found this forum after we did some research upon receiving a DQ letter from DoDMERB (childhood leukemia). Through this forum I got the contact info for Larry Mullen and by the next morning got a phone call from the director Capt Merchant. Real professionals there at DoDMERB.

We've already received a waiver from AROTC and are currently waiting on word from USMA - we got the notification of the waiver request and an LOA in the same envelope.

Rep interview will be mid December, and being from California, not holding our breath for Senator noms. Fortunately it sounds like there will be room on the slate from our local rep.

Once again the information to be found on these forums has been fantastic - looking forward to posting as a cadet parent. . . .
Welcome. I'm a fellow Californian and my son's first choice is USMA as well. My son's having his congressional interview this weekend and not expecting much from the senators as they supposely have around 1,000 applicants. Good luck to your son.
Good luck to both of your son's! Someone has to get the senator's slots, so who knows...+:thumb:... It sounds as if they are on track. I know it is a grueling process, even if you are in a quiet support role. Hope to hear good news from both soon.
Welcome! We are glad you found the forum. Good luck to your son. My son was the same...he wanted Army and nothing else. :thumb: