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Dec 2, 2008
Hello experienced ones! We are taking our DS on a visit of USMMA this January. Where have people on this forum stayed for the night (hotels in the area that don't cost an arm and a leg)?
Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance.
Hi Luigi, Thank you for the link. Has anyone had any experience at any of those hotels and can recommend one over another? I called...prices are okay...just not sure which is preferred by parents,etc. Thanks!
We've stayed a couple of times at the Days Inn on the list. Not expensive, but not particularly nice either. In December we decided to try something different. We went to the Wingate (owned by Wyndham hotels) in Commack. It is further east off of I-495 (LI Expressway). In our opinion, it was worth the extra 12 or so miles. The price was good and the accommodations were nice. Good breakfast too. Be sure to allow extra time for the drive if you are making it during rush hour.

There are both a Hilton and a Mariott on Route 110 in Melville; this is east of KP, but not as far as Commack, as was suggested by someone else. There is also a Mariott in Uniondale (I think it is called Long Island Mariott hotel) - right near Nassau Coliseum, where the Islanders play [they are awful this year].

The prices may be a bit higher than the Days Inn, but they are nicer hotels. Also, try to avoid anything near the airports, and even though Manhattan looks very close, the traffic can be a killer. Stay on Long Island for this visit.

Good luck - see you all at Indoc!
KPmum! Thank you for the info. I'll let you guys know how the visit goes!

It seems to me that we were at the Marriott in Uniondale for Parents Weekend/Acceptance Day. It was excellent too. It was also closer to restaurants and entertainment.
Actually, Thank you everybody! I know I could count on this forum for good info :)
KP Hotels - my two cents

I travel to USMMA 6-7 times a year for business, driving up from Annapolis. I had a couple of Long Islander midshipmen in the USNA sponsor family, so their recommendations were also factored in. After 5 years of trial and error, here are my favorites:

- Melville Hall BOQ on USMMA. If you are an officer or retired officer, any service, you can stay on USMMA in the BOQ. Great views over the Sound, really cheap. Not many rooms but worth a try if you qualify: 516-773-5340, speak to Mrs. Lolly Stancati.

- The Garden City area is a quick leap onto the Meadowbrook Parkway, which you can take to the Northern Parkway, then to I-295E (Long Island Expwy) and get off at USMMA exit to Great Neck/Kings Point. It's about a 30-minute drive. In Garden City, at exit M1E off the Meadowbrook, there is a Holiday Inn (actually in the town of Carle Place), a Hilton Garden Inn and a Hampton Inn. They are in an area with plenty of good restaurants both franchise and local, the Roosevelt Field Mall and a discount shopping center (Nordstrom Rack). I like staying here because it's more on the way home off Long Island and over to the NJTP via Meadowbrook and Southern Parkways to the Verrazzano Bridge.

- A bit further south on the Meadowbrook is the Uniondale Marriott. It's a very nice property, with a complete gym and full-size indoor pool in the basement level. Just add another 10 minutes to drive to USMMA. It's the priciest but also the most full-service of the hotels I'm mentioning.

- I have stayed at The Andrew Hotel in Great Neck a few times. It advertises itself as a boutique hotel; it's a much-renovated property. If I'm traveling with a team of people who want to go into NYC, we stay there. The LI RR is across the street. Plenty of good places to walk to in Great Neck to eat. It's about 10-15 minutes from KP.

Google "hotels in Great Neck" and you'll find what's there. Very few of the usual business properties/franchises there within the city limits.

I agree avoiding hotels near major airports unless that's the way you are traveling -- easiest for dumping the rental car prior departure.