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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by WestPointCanidate, Jun 26, 2010.

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    Jun 26, 2010
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    Hello everyone. I am going into my sophmore year at the moment. However, here is my activites and grades from freshman year. If you guys can also help out with which classes to take and what to do it would be greatly appreciated.

    Freshman Year:
    GPA: 4.33(Weighted) 3.83(UnWeighted)
    Class Rank: 40 of 501
    Classess: Honors in math(geometry), english, and world history
    Activities: JV Wrestling and Track and Field
    Clubs: None :(

    Even though it doesnt look impressive, I plan on doing WAY much more in my sophmore year. Hopefully, I can accomplish all my goals like:
    -Doing good in honors algebra 3,4, english, and biology
    -Do good in AP US History
    -Play football, wrestle, and run distance in track while excelling in all of them
    -Go into NHS
    -Join JROTC
    -Join Peer Counseling (I sent my application before school ended)
    -And gain a position in student council for Junior year.

    So if anyone can please give me some tips and advise that will help me get into USMA, it would be appreciated.
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    Hey, congrats for starting early! It'll really help. It looks like you're on the right track.:thumb: Here's what my BGO told me that might help you:

    1. Take as many AP classes as you can and do well in them, particularly math/science courses.
    2. Join school/non school clubs and be a leader in them. Quality is better then quantity. Join clubs you're interested in.
    3.Try to be a captain/letter in a school sport.
    4. Don't overload. Take on what you can handle and do your best.

    I highly recommend you get in contact with your liaison officer if you haven't already. They'll be the best source of guidance/info. You can find out who it is by contacting your school guidance counselor or by contacting WP directly. Good luck!

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