How and When do candidates apply for congressional nominations?


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Jul 9, 2006
Since 4 of the 5 Service Academies require a Nomination (CGA being the exception) now is the time to start the process.....

You should apply for all nominations you are eligible for and everyone is eligilbe for 3 Member of Congress (MOC) Nominations.

The easiest way to get the applications is to visit their websites - make sure you are in the correct congressional district! Read the directions carefully - each MOC seems to have their "own way of doing things"!

Some have online applications and others will mail you a packet. They are all mostly like a standard college application requiring references, transcripts and some require essays.

Most MOC's have a deadline date sometime in the fall - do interviews in late fall and nominate around Christmas time. Spend some quality time on your applications and do a good job on them when you have the time!
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each MOC seems to have their "own way of doing things"

And do what they say and don't call and ask if you can do something different. If they want a math teacher recommendation, send a math teacher recommendation. Physics doesn't count. It will count against you. They will automatically assume the worst. That you and your math teacher didn't get along.