How are my CFA scores?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by ds93math, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I know it's kinda late into the admissions process but I've been debating from the very start whether I should just take the CFA right now or train a bit more get a slightly higher score. my CFA stats are:

    BBthrow - 56ft
    pull ups - 11
    shuttle run - 6.9 seconds
    push ups - 73
    sit ups - 85
    mile - 7min 00sec

    I also have a unweight 9-12 gpa of 3.9 (weighted of 4.19). Class rank number 5 out of 398. As for ECs: I'm varisty speech/debate and the treasurer of speech/debate. Varisty Swim team captain. Piano for 12 years. I can speak Chinese very fluently. Worked overseas with the Republic of China's Ministry of Education to teach English to the local elementary school students. Church Youth group member/leader and I serve on the piano/sunday school teacher as well.

    My question is, should I continue to practice my BBthrow before trying the CFA for the real thing or just take it now and submit it for a better chance of admission because of the rolling admissions policy? I've been practicing, but I have trouble getting the ball over 60ft (pretty weak, I know).

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    If you debated sending your scores simply because of the basketball throw you have a problem. the scores are good. waiting this long will most likely hurt your chances. Send them ASAP.

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