How are my chances?

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    How does this look?


    GPA: 3.4 unweighted/4.2 weighted

    31 math
    32 reading
    31 science
    28 english

    overall 31 ACT

    I have taken 8 AP classes at my school my whole time there. I have gotten A's or B's in all of them. Have been in honors programs in everything.

    1) Athletic Achievements
    - Baseball-varsity since soph year
    - Football (Frosh/Soph Only)

    2) Extracurricular Activities
    - DECA-Buisness Club (State)
    - NHS
    - Spanish NHS
    - Peer Mediation (President)
    - Senior Board (Fan Section Planning)
    - Civil Air Patrol
    - Church Worship Band

    3) Work/Job Experience
    - Mechanical Assistant: My responsibilities include diagnosing and performing general maintenance at my church. I also complete special projects several times a month.
    - Owner of Landscaping Service: My responsibilities include coordinating service times, operating landscaping machinery, and managing my own business.

    4) Leadership Positions
    - Vacation Bible School: Group Leader: Facilitated and lead a small group of elementary aged children, helped organize and plan events for students to participate in, taught students daily bible lessons and assisted in verse memorization.
    - Youth Baseball Camp Leader: Mentor to younger players: Taught camp students basic baseball concepts, explained and developed a variety of skills in each player, led drills and activities to improve player performance.
    - Peer Mediation President
    - Elected to Senior Board: Implement decisions that effect the student body.
    - AWANA Band Leader: Worship Leader for church club band. Led and instructed several band members on a weekly basis.

    BBall throw: Max
    Pullups: 18 (Max)
    Pushups: 69
    Situps: 85
    Shuttle: 7.4 (Max)
    Mile: 6:34

    how does it look? thanks for checking!
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    Your resume looks competitive but we don't know what your teachers said or how your BGO interview went or if you'll get a nomination. So all anyone here can say for sure is that you have a 100% probability of not getting in if you don't apply.
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    your academics beat mine dude! Your grades and test scores are very impressive. However, you have to take into consideration how you're going to interview with the BGO and congressional panel for the nomination. W/O the nomination there's no chance. The BGO interview is also a pretty important step in the process as they are basically the academy's way of getting to know you personally. So prepare well for those. I think you should be able to be competitive because of your academics and physically you're alright. Only person I've seen that's maxed the BB throw. Might want to work on your running, pushups, and situps though. Other than that, just prepare for the interviews. The congressional nomination is what kills off the most applicants.

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