How can I improve my application?


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Jan 3, 2017

I am currently a sophomore at a private high school in Rhode Island and I am looking to apply to the Air Force Academy.

I currently have a 3.98 GPA

My school does not offer AP classes until junior year, next year, and I will be taking physics 1, US history, and English (all other classes are honors).

I play baseball for my town and an AAU team (did not make the high school team).

I also throw shot put for track and field (started this year) and I will be trying out for the volleyball team in the spring (did not play last year).

P.S. if I do not make the volleyball team I will do outdoor in the spring.

I was on the academic decathlon team last year and I will be on the team again next year (did not participate this year).

I will, if I make the volleyball team this year, manage the girl's volleyball team next year.

I have also decided that I will work toward a congressional award.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and other discussion about how to strengthen my application!