How competitive am I?


Apr 29, 2017
I am currently a sophomore planning to apply to the USNA, USAFA, and USMA. Getting an appointment to one of these academies would be a dream come true for me. As far as my academics go, I am enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program and hold a cumulative GPA of 3.88. I haven't taken the ACT yet, but I plan to take it this fall. My school doesn't do class rank nor weighted GPA; will this affect how the academies look upon my academics?
As far as leadership goes, I am currently a 2nd Lieutenant in the civil air patrol, as well as the deputy commander of my cadet squadron. I have taken part in the HOBY leadership seminar and in the process of starting a club. I play varsity hockey and probably will be captain my senior year. I have also received the Bronze medal through the congressional award ( I also am an intern at my congressmans office (rep. Jason Chaffetz).

How competitive am I? What are some things that would increase my chances? Am I on track??

Thank you for your help
As far as extracurriculars go, I would say they seem pretty impressive to me. One important thing I would try to do is to attend your state's Boy's State program. That looks really good for all the academies. As for class rank, my school doesn't rank either, but USNA will develop their own for you based, and USMA will rank you using your test scores, so it is important to keep those scores high. I'm not sure about USAFA. Also if you haven't already, start training for the CFA and try to max out all the events! Lastly, complete your file as early as possible. Because of the rolling admissions, all the boards are going to be more likely to give you an appointment when they have more to give out in the fall, than when they only have a few to give to the absolutely extraordinary candidates in the spring. I know many people who were waitlisted and would have been accepted had their file been reviewed earlier. Other than that, just keep your grades high and improve as much as you can. You are on track, just keep up the good work and stay diligent! Good luck!
If this forum has taught me anything, it is that there is no one size fits all application. Just do what you love and keep your grades high and that's all you can ask for. I'm also from Utah-03 and applied and was accepted to USNA and USAFA, so if you have any specific questions about the nomination process or anything else, feel free to pm me! Good luck!
You sound a lot like me, and I've got an appointment to USNA for Class of 2021, so I think you're on the right track! Definitely start preparing yourself for the CFA, and if you are able, go to the Summer Seminars - they'll give you a lot of insight about what each academy is like to help you decide where you really want to be, and they look great on your applications too. Good luck! GO NAVY!