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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by StudentInWisconsin, Nov 4, 2009.

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    On the NROTC application, as with pretty much any application for anything, it asks "Have you ever been arrested, convicted, or fined for any violation of law? " Well, about a year ago I was in a school fight, and ended up with what is called a "consent decree". It's a thing for a juvenile court case which results in no fine or conviction, in fact no charges on my record at all (supposedly), even on my juvenile record. I've been told however that the military can see things on your record that supposedly are "expunged" or dismissed or whatever, which civilians/civilian institutions can not see. How should I respond to the question? The USNA app was a little more specific, telling specifically to include things that have been expunged or juvenile cases. This one doesn't. Any advice?
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    Have you ever been arrested? If the answer is Yes say yes. If not say No.
    Have you been convicted of any violation of the law? No
    Have you been fined for any violation of the law?

    I would answer truthfully. If you need to answer yes to any part of the NROTC question you will get an opportunity to explain. IMHO a teenage fight that did not result in a conviction or a juvenile record will probably be overlooked.

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