How do you know if you are Triple Q'd?


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Oct 17, 2008
My son is academically and medically qualified and he has received a nomination from our state representative.

How do we know if is physically qualified (i.e. how do we know if he passed his CFA?)
I think you could ask the BGO to check ...or maybe someone at admissions would let you know...
Have him ask BGO; or if that is not a good contact, call Admissions. They will be glad to tell you!
Faithful - CFA

The CFA is hard to say what pass/fail is because the service academy selection committees use a complicated group of metrics to rate prospective candidates. They are also looking at the “Whole Person” concept when deciding who gets potential appointments and they do talk to your local MOC’s and BGO/Liaison Officers who interviewed your son or daughter. What I do know is that if a candidate has good grades, taking challenging classes during their senior year (AP/Honors classes), varsity athletics, leadership, and volunteer work, all they have to do is max a couple of the stations and do a average number of reps or mile time to get an appointment.
Just as a comparison my CFA was:
Ball Throw – 41ft
Pull-ups – 9
Shuttle run – 9.1 sec
Sit-ups – Max
Push Ups- Max
Mile Run – 7:05
I got immediate offers of appointments to the USAFA and the USNA, but I also attended the Summer Seminar at the Air Academy in the summer of 2008 and that does help a lot.

I hope this helps you out.


Thank you for your replies....

His CFA's were very high in one area, very low in one area and the rest were average. He did not practice it and only took it once. In hindsight, he probably should have re-taken it and re-submitted his scores.

I went back and read the nomination letter closer and I now realize the nomination was a "competitor" nomination rather than a principle. However, the candidate website shows that a nomination has been received. So, if a nomination is reflected on the candidate page, does that mean he received the nominaton or does that mean he is still waiting to hear?
If the nomination is reflected on the candidate page, it means he received a nomination. Not necessarily an appointment. If he doesn't win the appointment from his congressman then he will compete as an alternate with all the other alternates.

As far as the CFA, admissions will let you know if he didn't pass and offer an opportunity to retake it. He certainly could check with his BGO or the CGO - might be a good excuse to show "interest" :wink: