How does being a College student effect my USAFA application?


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Oct 8, 2020
Hey guys!

I'm just curious as to how being a college student effects my USAFA application? Or if there is anything I can expect during the completion of my application?
I know that the candidate packet states that my college transcript will be evaluated more heavily as it can show how well I do in rigorous courses. Though, when it comes to my Candidate Activities Record and Writing Samples, are there any tips as to how my college experiences can amplify my application?

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Sep 27, 2008
A good assumption is that being a college student affects your USAFA application in a way that highlights greater maturity from living on your own (assuming you are not living at home and attending college), doing more rigorous coursework than HS and solving your own problems as a young adult away from home. Away from home, you have been required to discipline yourself to accomplish, balance and succeed at academic work, personal chores and social life. Essentially, you have been out in the world more than a HS student - what have you learned? How have you grown? What challenges have you had to deal with? How has it become clear to you that USAFA is the environment you want?

And, this is said gently and with respect, for all of us have our spelling/grammar blind spots (I get myself twisted up over usage of “which” and “that,” and I have some more that always get me), be aware of the difference between “effect” and “affect” when used as a verbs. “Affect” is to impact in some way, or influence. “Effect” is to make happen. “How did your year at college affect your ability to make a decision?” “I was able to effect many changes for the better.” Of course, the delights of the English language also use these two words as nouns, with “affect” being used to describe a person’s psychological state, and “effect” being used as in an outcome, such as “side effect.” Most often, though, if you stick to using “affect” as a verb and “effect” as a noun, you’ll get it right. Your college-level writing should be at a higher level than your high school. If this is one of your mental rough spots, Google “affect-effect usage” and look for a mnemonic that will help.

Good luck!
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