How Does Surgery Affect Medical Status and Scholarship Retention?


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Apr 13, 2016
Would it be possible for someone on an AFROTC scholarship to get a breast reduction surgery? How would that affect the scholarship? Would you lose the scholarship? I read somewhere that DoDMERB DQ's you for 6 months after a surgery. Obviously the most practical time to get this done is over a summer, sometime after field training. What would be the process to going about notifying your detachment? Would DoDMERB have to give you approval for this? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Yes it's possible (know plenty of ladies who had them in college on ROTC or USNA). Recommend you work with your chain of command once you get to your school. And yes from a healing perspective and someone to help out, Summer is best, especially if you could knock out training up front and return on the full healed up and getting back into PT.
My daughter had knee surgery during the Summer break while she was in AROTC. If I remember correctly, she had to be cleared by her surgeon and then pass the APFT. I don't remember her having to get cleared again by an Army doctor.