How does this stack up?


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Dec 1, 2008
How does this profile compare to most USMA applicants, in your opinion?
(i know there are no absolutes)

GPA: 3.96
Honors Chemistry
Honors Biology
Honors English 10th grade & 9th grade
Honors Pre-calc (10th grade)
Honors Advanced Algebra/Trig (9th grade)
Honors World history
AP Euro: 5
AP LA 11: 5
AP LA 12: 5
AP Calc AB: 4
AP Calc BC: 4
AP Chem: 4
AP American Gov: 5
3 semesters computer education (assembled computers for distribution in third world countries)

V: 790
M: 660
W: 700



Varsity Rowing
Varsity Swimming
Select Soccer
Recreational soccer, Gold division

Rowing Varsity Captain
Student-Operated Political paper Executive Editor
Select Soccer
Soccer City Championships runner up 2 years
City Division champs 1 year

CFA: Not taken yet ( 3 mile time 17:01)
I would say you are set for life lol (I got into USAFA with a little less than that... but IDK how competitive USMA is)
You ought to apply for the Summer Seminar program. With your numbers you're an excellent candidate for that and it will give you a good push in the application process--the CFA and geting started on the DoDMERB medical exam. If you need it, good luck!
Aren't you a senior? The chance for summer seminar is long gone.... It's go time now
when did you start your application? if you started it early enough i wouldn't be surprised if you got a letter of assurance. my stats are no where near that good but i got one from usma, the swimming recruiting might have (did) help in me getting it, but i also got one from navy w/o recruiting so i'd be surprised if you didn't get one

but if you nail that cfa and get through dodmerb in one piece i think you stand a good shot bud
best of wishes

usma 13' swimming and diving hopeful!