How feasible is a language minor with Engineering?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Ohioman, May 1, 2016.

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    Hello all, I just got back from the CVW (a great experience and an accurate view of the Academy during the exam period) and although I've probably asked more questions during my stay than I have in my entire life previously, I forgot to ask this specific one. I learned that one may "validate" classes and test out of them, if they have the knowledge to do so. If one wished to major in Engineering (a naturally tough degree) while also wishing to minor in Russian, then would that person be required to validate a certain number of courses in order to make room and successfully do these things? Also, are these types of major/minor matches common throughout the Naval Academy, and does the minor take up a lot of extra time?

    Thanks to all for future responses.
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    Yes you will need to validate some classes to open up some room. A language is the most common minor at USNA. Language is required for a Group 3 major so it's built in as a core course while it's not for Engineering. The course load is heavy for all majors, but as an engineer and a language not being a part of its path, adding that in will add another 3 hours each semester. So validating will help keep that course load lower and more manageable. Don't worry you have all Plebe Year to figure out a major and figure this out. Validate what you can, work with your academic advisor about your goals and it will all work out.

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